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What our customers think...

Here at BIGbirthdays we firmly believe that the best sales people we can ever employ are "Happy Satisfied Customers" ... The following is just some of the unsolicited feedback we regularly receive from people whom we have helped celebrate those Milestone BIG Birthdays....


The BIGBirthdays website was a BIG hit with everyone, especially Cindy. I thought your service was outstanding. Thanks for all of your help making Cindy's birthday one to remember. BH


It turned out really, really great. It started out as something I just wanted to do to embarrass him, because he's such a serious guy, but it turned into something really special I think. It was a nice surprise to hear from all his friends on his birthday. Thanks again for all of your help. I'm sure a lot of our friends will be interested in doing business with you now. Let's see, I turn 30 soon, so I'd better start hiding those pictures. Thanks again. AW


Again many thanks, Julie has said it is the best present she has ever or will ever have! JD


Well my brother just loved it!!! This has been such fun for me. Because of doing this I've gotten reconnected with some of his friends who were like brothers to me also. You were a pleasure to work with and I will highly recommend your site to all my friends.The only problem I had was with your little "ps". I will turn 50 in two years....but now I have time to hide all the old family photographs. :) Great job, high fives and again, thank you very much, BS


He absolutely LOVED the webpage (with the exception of the picture in the robe!!). Seriously, he was very touched that so many people took the time to wish him a Happy Birthday. We recently moved so many of our friends live in other places so this made it especially nice!! I am sure you will have more business from this area because several people have already told me they will use you in the future. Thanks for helping make Steve's 40th birthday one he will never forget!! LM


This was a very nice surprise and it will have me smiling all morning. Thank you everyone who added a message, and thank you Tara, I love you. BL


Wow! That is sooo perfect! I think I like this gift better than the Rolex I am giving him. TS


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