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BIGbirthdays pricing

We have been told by many of our customers that their BIGBirthday gift was priceless, and we think you will too.

However, creating your BIGBirthday announcement will cost only $9.99!

The best part is, you can set up and finish your BIGBirthday today absolutely free. Then, after you have previewed the final BIGBirthday announcement, you can decide whether you want to pay. If you're not happy with your BIGbirthday you simply walk away and we'll delete it for you. If you are happy (and we're pretty certain you will be) you can simply pay using the secure payment system provided by PayPal and we'll send your BIGbirthday live so people can start visting and leaving messages!

That's why we can offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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The only additional, but optional cost is where we mail them a copy of their completed BIGBirthday announcement, including all the messages from their family and friends who visited, saved on a picture CD and presented in a delux presentation case. Obviously shipped after their BIGBirthday has passed, this additional option enables them to treasure this unique gift, enabling them to experience it again and again long after it has been removed from our on-line system. The additional charge for this feature is only $19.99 USD inclusive of shipping. Please note that you do not have to order this option when you create their announcement but instead can wait until after their BIGBirthday has passed to decide whether this unique gift idea has been as good as we know it will be.

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