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How BIGbirthdays works...

Congratulations! You are now only simple 4 steps away from having that that special person's BIGBirthdays Announcement ready for viewing. Our quick, simple and easy process means that you don't need a computer degree to build it and most importantly you can have it ready in a matter of minutes. What's more their page builds before your very eyes as you take each simple step.

Step 1 - Tell us about the Birthday Person

Their name, age, date, where they are from and your contact details.

Step 2 - Select their Announcement page style

Choose the page headings, background, music and sound options.

Step 3 - Upload their Pictures

Load as many as 10 pictures, each with caption, per page plus add up to 9 pages.

Sound difficult? It's not - if you can attach a picture to an email then you can use our system

- honestly, it really is that simple!

Step 4 - View their Announcement

View and modify their Announcement, change the pictures or even add more pages

until you are 100% Satisfied with how it looks!

Then YOU decide - If you don't like what you see, just cancel it and walk away! We'll then destroy all the pictures and personal information you provided as if it never happened. There'll be NO hard sell. NO hard feelings and NO charge - That's OUR Promise to YOU!!

So, really, you have got nothing to loose - Start their BIGBirthdays Announcement - NOW!

It's like a BIG Birthday Card that family and friends can all sign!

Family and Friends you invite from literally all around the world can help truly personalize this unique Birthday gift by adding their own messages in the Guestbook that is included. Perhaps some will even recall a few of those amusing stories and shared 'life experiences' we all love to tell. And there's no limit to the number of people you invite, there's no charge for them to add messages to the Guestbook and no limit to the number of messages that can be left.

In fact the more that get involved the better this gets!

Shhh! - Worried about privacy?

Finally, we understand that not everyone wants their announcement open to public viewing. So if you choose the privacy option, it will not be listed here or in our archive and only those invited will be able to access it, join in and enjoy it! We also only use email addresses and personal details you give us solely for their announcement and nothing else.

There's never a better time to Start building their Announcement than NOW!

All you need to start building their Announcement is their Name and Birthday details. You can stop at any point and come back as often as you like to add more pictures, change your message, the page features or simply just to finish it off. You can even start months before their BIG Birthday and you don't have to pay anything until closer to their BIG day. And even though you've started there really is no obligation to purchase anything unless you like what you see. If you don't like it then walk away, no hard sell, no hard feelings. Only when you are happy do we ask you to make your payment using our secure payment partner, so even then we don't see your payment details ourselves. Confirmed payment then releases their Announcement for others to view and opens the Guestbook for messages.

Prices start from only $9.99USD

Need Help? For customers who need a little more help and support we offer a Picture Enhancement Service where we hand finish your BIGBirthdays Announcement for you. You can either email their pictures to us or upload them via our website. Then, for a small additional fee, we will edit the pictures to maximize the prominence of the Birthday Person whilst also doing our best to improve Brightness, Color balance and Sharpness. We then send a link for you to view and approve their announcement. Again all this is before we ask for any payment. If you don't like it then simply walk away.

Too Soon? Then simply Bookmark the BIGBirthdays site so you can easily find us in your Favorites when you are ready to come back later.

How it works