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FAQ's (or Frequently Asked Questions)

The following are answers to some of the more common questions people ask about our service. If these don't cover your question then please don't hesitate to ask us. Details on how to contact us are also included below.

Q. If I start a BIGBirthday, do I have to purchase it?
Nope. You are under no obligation to purchase your BIGBirthday! If you change your mind about your BIGBirthday at any time simply walk away and we'll delete it for you!

Q. How long does it take to build a BIGBirthday page?
We have tried to make BIGbirthdays as easy as possible for you to use. When you click on 'Start a BIGBirthday' you are taken to your new BIGBirthday page with clear areas and step by step instructions to easily begin adding your photos and messages. A BIGBirthday can be finished in as little as 5 minutes. See our quick start video here to see how fast you can have a BIGBirthday up and running. Or simply click here to get started on your very own right now.

Q. Is there enough time to get a BIGBirthday page ready?
As mentioned above you can have a BIGBirthday going in as little as 5 minutes. In reality to give Family and Friends time to visit the site, leave their messages and for word to spread it's best to have at least 2 clear working days from when the page is ready. We say working days as some email addresses will be Work addresses and therefore not always be accessed during a weekend.

Q. Who invites Family and Friends to Visit their BIGbirthday page?
We have found that it is best if you do that yourself using a template email that we provide as part of the package. If the email comes from you it is less likely to be simply deleted or ignored as spam. Also, by asking people to forward the email on to others who know the recipient then the potential audience is wider that you may originally think! The record so far is just under 150 Guest Book messages received for one BIGBirthday! You can just imagine how surprised that person was when they opened their BIGBirthday announcement!

Q. Can I change my messages and photos in my BIGBirthday Announcement?
Sure! You can keep going back to update your BIGBirthday Announcement as much as you want - even after paying and finalizing the BIGBirthday!

Q. I don't want everyone to be able to view my BIGBirthday page, can I restrict who sees it?
Yes, when you create your announcement you can request that it is "Invitation Only". By selecting this option we will not include your page on the main BIGBirthday website or in the Archive. It will therefore not be possible to access it by following any links from the BIGBirthday website itself. The only way people will be able to access it will be by a unique address which goes straight to your page. This unique address will only be included on the Invites we send out. So only those people you have invited will be able to access it. We do however normally request that those invited also spread the word, but again this is restricted to people that know your Relative or Friend so it is still limited access.

Q. Can the Birthday email be sent on a different date to the actual Birthday?
Yes. You will be provided with an option to state the date you would like the email sent out.

Q. What do I need to prepare the BIGBirthday page?
All you need is any photos ready to upload. The rest is all easy! Click here to get started and see for yourself how easy this really is!

Q. Can you build the page for me?
Yes. For a little extra we can build your page for you. The details we require to start to build the site are all included the Booking form here. The other things we will require are obviously the pictures and the email addresses of the Family and Friends whom you wish us to send the Invites too. Please note that we appreciate it's not always as easy to get the lists of email addresses together as we all think so we will also happily email the invites out in "batches".

Q. If I get you to build the page for me, how do I get the pictures to you?
When you purchase our premium support service option we will provide you with a way to upload your images to us.

Q. What if I only have hard copies of the photographs and I don't have a scanner?
The simplest answer is to ask around. A scanner is a very common piece of equipment nowadays as so many printers are now "all in one" so many of your friends may actually have one. Failing that many "print and copy" shops also now offer a scan service so you could try them too.

Q. Can we have background music instead of the laughter?
We can build your BIGBirthday page with or without the laughter. We can also replace it with "music". However, to ensure that we provide a page which has an acceptable load time we have to limit it to instrumental backing tracks. These are called "midi" files. Adding vocals can significantly add to the lead time and make it unusable. However, "midi" versions of most music are normally available and we will happily add it to your page if you can source the specific music for us. If you have any special requests just email them to us on a reply to one of our emails. That way we will always be able to link it back to your unique BIGBirthday page.

Q. Can you tailor the page format to meet my specific needs?
We have designed a selection of fun themes you can choose from and each theme has different header images you can choose from. See the themes here. We firmly believe that as Milestone Birthdays don't happen every day we need to do what we can to help you make it something really special. So if you have any special requests - just ask! We can't promise to be able to meet all of them but we will at least try. So, if you have any special requests just email them to us on a reply to one of our emails. That way we will always be able to link it back to your unique BIGBirthday page.

Has your question not be answered here? If you have any other questions on our service please don't hesitate to ask [simply Click Here to e-mail us your question now]


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